Francesco Buzzo e Serena Lambertoni

About Us

They are product designers based in Milan. They studied Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano and finished a second level degree course in Industrial Design for Innovation at the same University. After partnership with different professionals and companies, they opened their own design studio in 2013.

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About Serena

In my generative process, I aim to instill irony, provocation and surprise in the final user. I always try to manipulate the project viewing it through the eyes of the customer. I want the aesthetic not to be the main attraction link between object and user, but that thediscovery and surprise would guide the choice, emotionally. I believe that the only way to elevate a  product, over the mass of its similar competitors, is to give it a unique identity and, therefore, its "dignity to exist".

These features must excite the observer and allow the product to be identified as "something new". My research of innovation is accompanied by the productive andsustainable intelligence, which aims to reduce the environmental impact by optimizing the production, the materials and usage-life stages.
I try to purify the concept, stripping it of the redundancy that weighs down its soul, providing it with functional and communicative intelligence. My approach to design want to be able to offer complete solutions that will please both users and all players involved in the design and production chain.
A good designer designs all aspects, not just the "appearence" but also the "body and the story" of the products, the ones that not everyone knows.


About Francesco

I live in Milan where I graduated in Design at the Politecnico in 2012 with a thesis on new sustainable scenarios. I'm designer freelance since 2004; I collaborated in projects for TEAM Design Studio and 2 in Asia.
I think designers have to be optimist to believe that everything can be a little bit improvable and interpretable. In my opinion, designers should basically recognize, through their knowledge and experience, connections and affinity beetween concepts, ideas, things and have a developed "sense of possibility". Depending on the project make appropriate choices.

Cornerstone theme of my approach is simplicity.  An upstream approach that results downstream in formal sobriety, functional and constructive simplicity  and, therefore, sustainability.

2017 - Buzzo Lambertoni Design Studio


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