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#WITH - Glasses

6 glasses designed to be vectors of alimentary paradoxes

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14 bicchieri.jpg

Winner of the contest #WITH - a Designer Engaged with Food

Six intense days in which din – design in was the setting of fruitful networking among professionals, with full calendar of events in the event, starting with the presentation of Design For , the book catalogue that put in contact designers and companies, edited by and published by Fausto Lupetti , now in its third edition. The presentation took place on Saturday 12th at 5 pm in the meeting area. The speakers were Enzo Carbone founder of, Francesca Russo, editor of DDN Magazine, Paul Barichella, food designer , Daniele Lupetti publisher of Design for, Marcello Ziliani, architect and product designer. The meeting was followed by the Award ceremony for the winners of the contest # visual WITH - WITH design food: Infobite , by Francesco Buzzo, Piera Giordano and Serena Lambertoni

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