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Fashion Figures for Sketches

This book allows you to sketch and design on a always-ready model. Feel free to follow your inspiration on a model with different angles. 

This is a very useful tool for young designers, stylists, students or tailors who need to find their style, or the perfect gift for girls and boys who may be interest in the design field.

A drawing sketchbook that's always ready to welcome your ideas when inspiration strikes. Collection sorted by body type or body part fashion figures, suitable for drawing practice, fashion brainstorming, concepting, fashion design, etc. A space that is always ready for your inspiration and sketches.

  • FEMALE SLIM (regular and wedding edition)

  • MALE SLIM all purposes (regular and wedding edition)

  • FEMALE CURVY AND PLUS (regular and wedding edition) 



  • MAKE UP (3 feminine somatic traits)

On sale on Amazon (link)

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